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About Our Family

Family is everything here at Olive Garden.
Whether you're a guest or on our team, we
want every person who walks through our
doors to feel that we welcome, accept, and care for them. This feeling of connection is especially strong among many of our 95,000+ team members who develop life-long friendships that extend far beyond the workplace.

Our Culture

Olive Garden is a part of the Darden family of restaurants. At Darden, we understand that in order to encourage superior performance from our team members, we must create and maintain a compelling place to work — a place where people can grow and learn enduring life skills. Our goal is to make working at Olive Garden and Darden more than just a job. Developing our people is a cornerstone of our business model, and we're proud of the fact that:

• Together, Olive Garden and Darden
   promote nearly 1,000 team members a
   year into management.
• Fifty percent of all of our restaurant
   managers come from our hourly ranks; and
• Ninety-nine percent of all our restaurant
   General Managers — the most important
   position in our company — are promoted
   from within.

Our Purpose: Hospitaliano!

Our Never Ending passion for 100% guest delight

• We inspire a world with more human connection
• We take pride in doing it right the first time
• We welcome everyone as family and friends

Our Principles

“Hold each other to High Standards- Treat us with Respect”

1. We are committed to open, honest communication, mutual respect and strong teamwork.
2. We are clear on each individual’s role, accountabilities and key performance measures.
3. We do not compromise standards in selection, training and job performance.
•   We will only hire people with the skills and potential to succeed.
•   People only advance from training when they have demonstrated the
required competencies.
•   Peer interviewing helps us select the right people for the team.
4. In the process of making a change we seek the opinions of those
closest to the action, listen and value their ideas.
5. Everyone should expect regular, on-going training opportunities to
sharpen and advance their skills.
6. When accountabilities are not being met, we act quickly.
•   Feedback
•   Re-training/redirection
•   Assess results with appropriate consequences
7. We will achieve the results and share our success.

Serving our Communities & Teams

At Olive Garden, we want the experience of warmth and caring to extend beyond our restaurant walls and into every community where we live and serve. Throughout the U.S. and Canada we serve our communities through a variety of local efforts. For example, for over 15 years, every Olive Garden nationwide celebrates first responders on Labor Day by donating a special “thank you” lunch to a local organization. Through this annual initiative, more than 10,000 deliveries have been made to honor community heroes for their ongoing, dedicated service to local communities.

Darden Dimes: Supporting One Another in Times of Need

The Darden Dimes program is just one example of our people-focused culture in action. Established in 1999, Darden Dimes enables Darden team members to provide financial assistance to their co-workers facing emergency and catastrophic situations.

Funded through weekly payroll contributions - more than 50% of our team members participate and the program has provided more than $16.5 million in grant assistance to more than 42,000 team members since its inception.