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Nutritional Info

Nutritional Info

We all have different tastes and nutrition needs. But we all want the same thing - lots of choice and variety! Whether you're eating light or in the mood to indulge, we take pride in giving choices and letting you decide. That's why we make nutrition information for our food readily available to help inform your choice.

View and print the nutrition facts for our wide range of delicious offerings.

Nutritional FAQs

Nutritional FAQs

How is your nutrition information calculated?
We analyze our menu items either through calculated analysis (a sophisticated software program) or by chemical analysis (sending multiple samples to be tested in a lab). There are many factors that go into deciding which method to use, including the type of food, preparation, and information from our suppliers. Both types of analyses are based on the standardized recipes we use in our restaurants every day. As our chefs make changes to a recipe, we make the changes to our analysis. We know we can never make the exact same dish twice, but our approach to nutrition analysis helps ensure the nutrition we report is representative of what will be served in the restaurant.

Are your nutrition results accurate?
Yes! Providing nutrition information that helps you make your dining decision is something we take very seriously. While we are confident in the nutrition information we disclose, the numbers will vary due to the inherent variability in food and food preparation. Even with a dedicated team, standardized recipes and best-in-class nutrition analysis, we can’t promise you that the nutrient content of each meal will be exact every time - but we can promise you that we’ve done everything we can to get them as accurate as possible.

Where can I find information on Gluten?
For questions regarding Gluten Sensitive diets, please click here.

What is a serving of soup?
The serving size for all soups is 8 fluid ounces. ToGo orders receive 16 fluid ounces.

What is a serving of salad?
One serving is about 5 ounces. The amount of salad served depends on the number of guests in your party. For a party of 1 to 2 guests, about 10 ounces would be served (so ½ of the bowl would be one serving).

How many calories are in a breadstick if I ask for it to be prepared without the garlic topping?
The breadstick with the garlic topping is 140 calories. One breadstick without garlic topping is 120 calories.

What is the nutrition content of your low-fat dressing compared to your regular dressing?
Our low-fat dressing has 30 calories and 410 mg of sodium per serving. Our regular dressing contains 80 calories and 520 mg of sodium per serving. One serving is one fluid ounce.

Is the dairy in your breadsticks in the bread or in the garlic topping?
There is no dairy in our breadsticks or in the breadstick topping. The garlic topping is made from margarine.

Do your breadsticks contain egg or dairy?
No. The breadstick – made with our without the garlic topping – does not include egg or dairy. The garlic topping is made with margarine.

Do your breadsticks contain sesame?
No. Our breadsticks do not contain sesame.

Does your Italian salad dressing contain alcohol? Such as cooking wine?
No. Our salad dressing does not contain alcohol.

Does your pasta contain egg?
No. Our pasta does not contain egg, but our filled pastas like Cheese Ravioli and Ravioli di Portobello do have egg, and all of our pastas are cooked in the same pasta cooker.

Does your pasta contain dairy?
No. Our pasta does not contain dairy, but our filled pastas like Cheese Ravioli and Ravioli di Portobello do have dairy, and all of our pastas are cooked in the same pasta cooker.

Is the minestrone soup vegan?
Yes. Our minestrone soup is vegan.

Are any of your soups dairy-free?
Yes. The Pasta e Fagioli does not contain dairy products.

Does your marinara sauce contain dairy?
No. The marinara sauce does not contain dairy.

Does your Alfredo sauce contain egg?
No. Our Alfredo sauce does not contain egg.

Do your sauces contain alcohol?
The following sauces do not contain alcohol: Alfredo, Asiago Garlic Alfredo, Marinara, Five Cheese Marinara, Creamy Carbonara, and the Kids Tomato Sauce.

Do your soups contain alcohol?
Our Minestrone soup contains alcohol (cooking wine). Our other soups do not contain alcohol.

Do you have alcohol in your tiramisu?
Our tiramisu does contain a coffee liqueur, but according to our dessert supplier, the majority of the alcohol content is cooked off when baked.

Do you have any menu items that do not contain garlic?
Given the role of garlic in Italian cuisine, garlic is used in many of our dishes. The following menu items do not contain garlic. If a dish or menu item is not on this list, please assume it contains garlic.

    Appetizers, Soup and Salads
  • Chicken & Gnocchi Soup
  • Garden Salad with Oil/Vinegar (no croutons)

  • All of our pastas do not contain garlic (however, all of our pasta sauces do contain garlic)
  • Any Pasta with Oil

  • Kids Entrées
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Any Pasta with Parmesan Butter Sauce

Do you use MSG in your foods?
Our food recipes do not use added MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and, based on information from our suppliers, MSG is not added to any of the ingredients we use. However, certain foods and ingredients naturally contain glutamate or glutamic acid (such as tomatoes, milk, cheese, mushrooms and certain yeasts and proteins).

If I do not consume pork and/or alcohol (ethanol), what can I eat?
This chart of dishes that contain pork and/or alcohol is based on the most current information from our food suppliers. While we use safe food handling procedures, it is possible for food items to come into contact with other ingredients during preparation and/or cooking processes. If a dish or item is not on the list, you can assume that it contains pork and/or alcohol.