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Our wines have been carefully selected to complement our dishes and enrich your dining experience.

Dine-in only. 21 and older. Please drink responsibly.

Award Winning

Olive Garden is committed to offering our guests world-class Italian wines as well as domestic wine selections.

Olive Garden partners with many prestigious winemakers in Italy, including the Rocca delle Macie winery in Tuscany, which is also the site of our Culinary Institute of Tuscany, to source a selection of distinct and delicious wines. To further broaden the choice and variety we offer our guests, we also serve fine quality wines from award-winning domestic vineyards in California, Oregon and Washington.

List topping

Olive Garden's wine program has won several awards of its own, including "America's Best Casual Dining Wine List" by the Monterey Wine Festival and the best wine program among the top 10 casual dining restaurants by the Wall Street Journal.

We've designed our comprehensive wine list to be accessible to everyone from the seasoned aficionado to the casual diner - with over 25 selections ranging from light and sweet to dry and full-bodied. Our restaurants feature a seasonal menu with recommended food and wine pairings. Furthermore, guests of drinking age are invited to sample a complimentary one ounce portion of any of Olive Garden's wines to decide what tastes best for them.

Picking the
Right wine

Choosing a great wine is never as easy as "red" and "white", but once you learn the ropes you'll be making confident decisions in no time.

There are several basic guidelines that can help you choose the right bottle or glass of wine for you. Let's start with the basics of pairing your food to wine.


The next level

The next level

Once you feel more familiar with pairing your food to wine, you can take it a step further. Begin to experiment. Break the 'rules'. Ultimately, the perfect pairing is simply the wine you like and the food you like.

when in doubt, ask

When in doubt, ask!

Our servers are trained to help guide you to a glass or bottle of wine that will delight your palate and enhance the enjoyment of your meal.


Beringer Founders Estate Pinot Noir and Ravioli di Portobello

Beringer Founders Estate Pinot
Noir and Ravioli di Portobello

The light body and mild flavor of this Pinot Noir complements the richness of the smoked cheese
and sun-dried tomato sauce.

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet & Braised Beef Tortelloni

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet & Braised Beef Tortelloni

The fruit-forward notes of this Cabernet strike a delicate balance with the richness of the beef and cheeses.



Acidity - The presence of natural fruit acids that lend a tart, crisp taste to wine.

Aroma - Smells in wine that originate from the grape.

Balanced - All components of the wine are in harmony.

Barrel Fermented - White wine that is fermented in an oak barrel instead of a stainless steel tank.

Body - The weight and tactile impression of the wine on the palate that ranges from light to heavy/full.

Bouquet - Smells from winemaking, aging and bottle age.

Buttery - Rich, creamy flavor associated with barrel fermentation.

Character - Describes distinct attributes of a wine.

Clean - Wine without disagreeable aromas or tastes.

Complex - Layered aromas, flavors and textures.

Delicate - Light, soft and fresh wine.

Dry - No sugar or sweetness remaining; a fruity wine can be dry.

Earthy - Flavors and aromas of mushroom, soil and mineral.

Elegance - A well-balanced, full wine with pleasant, distinct character.

Finish - The final impression of a wine on the palate; ranges from short to long.

Firm - Texture and structure of a young, tannic red.

Floral - Flower aromas such as rose petals, violets, gardenia or honeysuckle.

Fruity - Obvious fruit aromas and flavors; not to be confused with sweet flavors such as berries, cherries and citrus.

Full-Bodied - Rich, mouth filling, weighty-textured wine.
Grassy - Aromas and flavors of fresh cut grass or fresh herbs.

Green - Unripe, tart flavors.

Hard - Texture and structure that hinders flavor.

Herbaceous - Grassy, vegetable tones and aromas.

Legs - Teardrop impressions of alcohol weightiness that are visible on the inside edges of a wine glass.

Light-Bodied - A wine with delicate flavors, texture and aromas.

Lively - Young, fruity and vivacious flavor.

Medium-Bodied - A wine with solid, but not rich weight and texture.

Nose - The smell of a wine; aroma.

Oak - Aromas and flavors contributed during barrel fermentation and/or aging such as vanilla, caramel, chocolate, smoke, spice or toast.

Off-Dry (Semi-dry) - Very low levels of residual sugar remaining in the wine.

Rich - Weighty flavors and texture.

Round - Smooth flavors and texture; well-balanced.

Smoky/Toasty - Aromas of smoke and toast imparted by fired barrels.

Sweet - Wines that have a higher concentration of sugar after fermentation.

Tannin - A drying, astringent sensation on the palate that is generally associated with heavier red wines.

Velvety - Smooth-textured with deep, rich aromas and flavors.

Vintage - Year that grapes were harvested and fermented to make a wine.